The Hypostatic Union - Synopsis

An atheist detective — an elusive God.


Walter Balducci was tired of the detective business and decided to close shop and spend some time abroad. But before he could pack up, a Cistercian monk shows up in his office with an unusual case – he needs help finding a person who will be God, who will undergo a Hypostatic Union. At first, Walter turns the case down, not only because he thinks the monk is a religious crackpot, but also because he does not believe in God. However, when the monk gets shot, Walter senses there is something more to this story, and suddenly he is swept into a wild and dangerous investigation that will take him from Geneva to Spain, France, the Netherlands and New York City. An investigation that might lead him directly to . . . God?


Explore the World with Walter Balducci

From Geneva with Love


Private Investigator Walter Balducci is always on the go, much to his dismay. He resides in Geneva, an international city that, as one writer once said: It’s a city that breeds men. (Genève: Son génie consiste à enrôler les hommes qui lui arrivent d’ailleurs pour en faire des hommes d’ici.) But every time he wants to settle down and pursue one of his many hobbies, a case pops up and he is swept away to uncover some awkward mystery in a different part of the world. He has a knack in attracting the oddest cases, some so absurd that they border on the surreal, and a knack for solving them in the strangest fashion.


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image Walter Balducci and the Mystery of the Black Hole — Balducci is hired by the CERN Institute to find a scientist who has disappeared with a miniature box that contains an experimental Black Hole.

image The Chou and the Body Swap Witches

A Middle Grade book about a group of Hollywood kids who attend a magical film school and end up in a movie where a Senator and two witches from Salem decide to take over the highest office in the land.

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A theological thriller with a surprising and unique ending.


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